A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea

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“Asheville-based fingerpicking multi-instrumentalist Tyler Ramsey reminds us of both Ryan Adams and Red House Painters, depending on his intonations and the sorts of sadness he weaves into his instrumentation. Or, in his cover of Nico’s “These Days,” he conjures the original take (or, weirdly, some Astral Weeks Van Morrison) more than say, Elliott Smith in his version. He’s sad, but more outwardly expressive: There’s a ragged blues to Ramsey’s voice as well as his guitar playing, which really opens up and stretches out on tracks like “Birdwings,” where he’d work well as a chaser to Leo Kottke or something you’d unearth on Tompkins Square.

Check out the opening vocalization in “A Long Dream.” The patient, painterly song finds Ramsey pushing through some sort of transcendent watery journey he returns to over and over on the record (most obviously in a closing field recording of lapping waves). The aching, rattling, and drifting epic pairs nicely post-dream with “When I Wake,” where he marches into that Red House Painters realm and then shifts and phases. Each track has a number of details worth latching onto — so many strings and buzzes and tones.”

Track Listing
1.  Long Dream
2. Ships
3. Night Time
4. Once in Your Life
5. Chinese New Year
6. No One Goes Out
7. Birdwings
8. These Days
9. When I Wake
10. Iris
11. Worried
12. Please Stop Time